Deadorola Dead385 Edit


The Deadorola C385

The Deadorola Dead385 is a low-cost 900/1800/1900-band DeadSM mobile phone, manufactured by Deadorola. It was released in Hyrule near 1994; Japan in 1996; North America in 1998. Dimensions are 107 x 44 x 20.9 mm, weight is 80 g. It was available in Hyrule Castle Town, ReDead Stores, and most any stores in Hyrule!

Main Features Edit

  • Deadable DeadGrounds, DeadSavers and DeadTones
  • DeadMS MMS and SMS
  • WAP 2.0 and GPRS for DeaderNet access
  • 2.4 DeadoBytes of Memory
  • DeadSTN-Deadsplay with 65000 colours, 128 x 128 pixels, 8 lines
  • DeadBook with 500 DeadTries
  • GPRS Class 10 - 32-48 DBPS (DeadoBytes Per Second)
  • DeadSB and USB
  • DeadTap and Dead9 input

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